Feasibility Studies helps to assess whether a business venture will be a success or a failure. Startups and established businesses need to conduct a due diligence of the proposed business before starting a new initiative or expanding an existing set-up. Our Feasibility Study consulting services is designed to measure the success or failure probability of any business. The key aspects that we look into are financial viability, market scope, operations, HR structure and other related aspects of the business.

The framework of our feasibility analysis can map any medium and small size business across all functions. The factors we look into are the requirements to set-up the business in terms of inputs, outputs, investments, debt or equity, market viability, the right human resource structure, operational aspects etc.

It helps business owners to understand whether the direction of the business is correct and if not what rectification measures need to be taken. We have improvised our framework based upon global practices as well as our own developments especially in terms of mapping the market, financial forecasts and projections. We ensure that there is minimum variation between the projections that we provide and the real-life scenario. This is one of the key factors why our clients trust us to make their feasibility study projects.

The reports that we create are comprehensive to ensure complete coverage of the business. Our quality assurance team checks the reports iteratively and provides feedback on coverage, language, design and any other areas that need improvement. Our services are designed both for smaller businesses and medium industries.

We offer 2 different types of services:

  • 1. Standard Feasibility Study- The standard Feasibility study is suitable for small businesses across service and manufacturing businesses. It is suitable for startups also that want a deeper look into their business viability. The sections covered in Standard Feasibility study are the Business Section that includes Executive Summary, Products/Services, Market Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, Risk Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Organization Structure and Success Strategies. The Commercial Section includes budgetary costs, production costs (if applicable), Sale price, other expenditure and Financial forecasts. The cost of the Standard Feasibility study varies depending on the requirements.
  • 2. Comprehensive Feasibility Study- The comprehensive Feasibility study is suitable for medium businesses especially in the manufacturing sector where there is a requirement for different machineries, different inputs for production, final production outputs, design aspects etc. The comprehensive Feasibility study comprises of all that is available in the Standard study + a detailed technical section that covers machinery details, plant details, layouts etc. depending upon the requirement. The cost of the comprehensive Feasibility study varies depending on the requirements.