We work with companies globally to help them submit their response to RFP on time. Organizations that do not have dedicated PreSales team to respond to bids find our services useful because they can get them submitted in time and as per the criteria mentioned in the documents.

We cover a wide spectrum of bids that includes Government, Multilateral agencies and private organizations. We have responded to bids in Healthcare, IT, Facility Management, Waste Management, Maintenance contracts etc. for clients globally.

We have required expertise to respond to both the technical and commercial items in the Tenders. We work collaboratively with the client teams to put the best proposition in the RFP or Tender responses. Our consultants come with several years of PreSales experience and are experts in analyzing lengthy RFP documents. The key factors that we take care while responding to RFP documents are:

a.) Analyzing every section of the document to ensure that we have not missed out on any important information.

b.) Asking the right questions to the organization floating the RFP well before the last day of submitting queries.

c.) Ensuring that the response to technical queries is written to address the key points. We avoid any unnecessary fillers and put any additional information in the Appendix section of the response.

d.) The commercial section is the most important section in some tenders that go by the lowest bid criteria. Therefore we ensure that our commercial response can fit within the first three lowest bids so that we qualify in the first round. We discuss the commercial details with the client and ensure that we keep enough margin for the business while filling the commercial details. In some RFP’s where technical response gets equal weight as commercials we ensure that we do not go overboard with the commercials but benchmark the commercials as per the industry best practices.