AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing and mobility have changed the way that organizations are run today. We work on consulting and implementing software solutions in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Agriculture Technology, efficiency monitoring of machines using SCADA, Web development and trouble shooting, App development and other areas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Artificial Intelligence can create wonders in the way organizations function. It starts with collecting regular data whether in a MYSQL or Oracle database or images captured in a surveillance camera or details of patients and their disease in a medical database software. Artificial Intelligence can be applied to any industry segment and can give us results that regular analysis of data cannot yield. Using languages such as Python, AI can provide visualization of forecasts that helps organizations to take forward thinking decisions.

Agri Tech- Agriculture Technology can change the way farming is done and can go a long way in reducing the water and saving electricity that is required for an area. We take an integrated approach in creating an Agri Tech system that can reduce water usage and at the same time ensure that precious revenue is saved by reducing electricity used to run large pumps.

Web Development and Applications- We develop web solutions in open source technologies such as PHP and Wordpress for clients globally. Clients come back to us because of our expertise in mapping complex workflows, integrating with third party apps and providing great designs to make their websites stand out. The key features of our website solution include:

  • User friendly, visually appealing and digitally responsive websites
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Integration of Social media to enhance virtual presence
  • Tech support and User Guide provided

Our expertise also lies in trouble shooting in situations where a website has been hacked and functioning erratically or if some functions of the site are not working right. Our methodical approach helps to identify the bug quickly and ensure that the site is up quickly and running. We also provide long term solutions to ensure that the problem does not reoccur again.

Our app development expertise helps us to develop apps with clean UI and easy to use functions that users love to use. Apps can be developed quickly and launched both in Android and IoS.

We also provide advisory services in areas of web application design and code optimization. Organizations that need to succeed in today’s competitive environment need to have their digital strategies in place. Our consulting solutions in Big Data, cloud, mobility and other enterprise solutions helps them to run the business efficiently and stay ahead of competition.